Diagnostic Services

The UTIA Amphibian Disease Laboratory in collaboration with the UTIA Center for Wildlife Health and UT College of Veterinary Medicine can provide various diagnostic services for evaluation of pathogen infection and presence of disease. Dr. Deb Miller is a wildlife veterinary pathologist and leads the diagnostic services.

At a minimum, the following services are available. For more details about processing or submitting samples, please contact Dr. Miller (dmille42@utk.edu, 865-974-7948).

  • $10/sample to extract and quantitate gDNA
  • $15/sample qPCR (extracted gDNA sample)
  • $10/sample qPCR (extracted gDNA for each additional pathogen tested over one)
  • $25/sample qPCR (diagnostic; host or environmental sample)
  • $20/sample qPCR (research; host or environmental sample)
  • $12/H&E slide
  • Special stains and immunohistochemical stains billed as per vet school charge
  • Cultures and sensitivities as per vet school charge
  • Shipping charges billed as per shipper
  • $5/sample for necropsy of animals <1 lb
  • $10/sample for necropsy of animals 1-5 lb
  • $15/sample for necropsy of animals 5-10 lb
  • Greater than 10 lbs, call for pricing
  • $5/image
  • $100/hr data processing/interpretation/consult fee

NOTE: Costs may be adjusted based on a research agreement with the University of Tennessee.

Deb Miller stands in her office lab by a microscope.